Celebration Cake FAQ

Most commonly asked questions

What cake size should I order?

The number of portions you will get out of your cake depends on how you cut it. If you use criss-cross technique rather than cutting segments like an orange then you will get far more portions. The chart below for celebration sponge cakes is based on small catering sized portions of 1″ x 2″. If you would like larger cake slices then please choose the next size up.

Do you deliver?

I am afraid we do not a delivery service as standard for our celebration cakes unless they are a multi-tiered cake which requires specialist delivery. if you cannot collect your cake, then we have a trusted local taxi service who will be able to deliver your cake – we are happy to arrange this for you.

How much notice do you need?

For our standard range of cakes 1 weeks’ notice is sufficient. However, if you need a last minute cake we often make cakes on a much shorter timescale – sometimes we can even make a cake for the next working day!

For bespoke cakes, generally, the more detailed the cake the longer notice period is required – especially if the design includes complex models that need to be made in advance so they are nice and dry before being placed on the cake.

For “free-from” cakes we usually require 2 weeks’ notice.

Your cakes are far more expensive than ones I have seen in the supermarket – why is that?

Our cakes cannot be compared to supermarket/mass produced cakes. Our cakes are baked on site using top quality ingredients and then individually hand-decorated from start to finish by our expert cake decorators. Our cake are not packed with preservatives – they don’t need to be as we bake to order. What you are paying for is quality – our cakes taste superb and look fantastic! There is nothing wrong with a supermarket cake, but if it’s top notch quality that you want then, like most things in life, you get what you pay for!

Do you make free-from cakes?

Yes, we can make gluten-free/egg-free/diary-free and nut-free.

Please note that our nut free cakes are made in an environment where other cake containing nuts are made. Therefore, while the ingredients of your individual cake will not contain nuts, we cannot guarantee that there will not be traces of nuts in the cake.

How long will my cake stay fresh and how should I look after it?

Your cake will stay fresh for at least a week. Once cut, please cover the exposed section in cling film to prevent the sponge from drying out. if your cake is covered in sugarpaste please store in it’s box at room temperature – please do not out these cakes in the fridge as they will sweat and dry out. Buttercream coated cake should be stored in the fridge, but must be taken out at least 1 – 2 hours before serving to allow the sponge to fully recover.

What flavours can I choose from?

Most customers choose either vanilla sponge or chocolate for their celebration cakes – as they are biggest crowd pleasers. Where a large numbers are being catered for it is generally safer not to pick a “niche” flavour that only some people will enjoy. For standard celebration cakes our delicious vanilla sponge (comes with lashings of buttercream and jam) and our fabulous chocolate cake are always readily available. The following flavours are also available but will almost certainly need a longer notice period:

  • lemon (usually 1 weeks’ notice)
  • vanilla & salted caramel (usually 1 weeks’ notice)
  • red velvet (usually 2 weeks notice)
  • light fruit (at least 2 weeks notice)
  • rich fruit (at least 6 weeks notice)